Thursday, October 16, 2008

Things to try coming week

Always something I forget to mention in a blog.

Things to try:

1. Not mess up.
2. Try not to mess up.
3. Okay for real now- Past sunday everyone was so tired I just left the compressor attach and release to the auto settings with a ratio of 3:1 for vocals. However the Bass Drum was compressed as well (not auto set). Ratio around 6:1 with short attack and release time where I was looking at the meter/listening to wave curve getting released and coming back in the next beat. I might've been hullucinating though.
4. Vocals- Alright I am facing an issue here. The only reason I'm using the compressors these past week seemed to me was because I'm able to raise the output gain extra high (more than dbs that are getting compressed below the threshold) so it will stand out in the mix. Therefore causing hi feed back when cheryl and dave moves away from the mic- i also use the gates on the vocal compressor to eliminate possible feedbacks/noise-but the gain is no jokingly high it really doesn't matter. And that is why we couldn't hear minnow vocals very well. His vox wasn't going through the compressor with the high output gain.
5. Bass: I need definition coming out in the mix. Help me. Maybe I'll compress it this sunday.
Should I? If not I would want a same signal as funko is getting.

Gotta head out. If there is anything else let me know~


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