Sunday, October 5, 2008


Holland Tunnel Traffic and then,

1. Bass Drum: D112
2. Snare: SM57
3. OH: AKG P200
4. Bass DI
5. Synth
6. EGuitar.L.Minnow:SM57
7. EGuitar.R.Andy:SM57
8. AGuitar DI
9. VOX 1: Dave
10. VOX 2: Steve
11. VOX 3: Minnow
13. Anonuncement
14. Sermon
15. Tback

Everything Sounded Fine. Fun being in control. Labeled "do not turn off" on announcement mic 'cus we had the crazy noise popping again when Ryu turned it off.
We got Minnow, Steve and Funko on Avioms now and they seem to not mind them. We should get Andy, Mikey and Dave to finally use that hopefully starting next sunday.
The sermon wireless mic don't have much problems with plosives because I turned the subwoofer completely off during sermons. Genius move you.

Things to try out but have not yet because of the holland tunnel traffic today:
1. Mic Toms, Left and Right Cymbals with just SM 57s- 4 57s should be enough. And then group channel 1 through 6 into 1-2 Subgroups and send it to just 1st and 2nd channel of aviom.
2. Record Room Sound with P200 Condenser and Mono Mix so I could hopefully get a satisfying song file to put it on here.

Ending Worship from 9.14.08.
Main Console Mix mostly on Left and Room Mic on Right Stereo so kinda sounds weird. Should be getting cooler recordings later.

3 comments: said...

yeah i liked the in-ears a lot actually. i'm a believer now. i was jsut worried that my bass would go out of control when my effects get switched on, because my earphones dont have the low-end bloom that my big rig has, so i didnt know if the audience would get a huge low-end blast when i engaged my flanger or phaser

jcho said...

actually they were getting a sort of a low-end mini-blast yesterday. i dunno if you were using any effects so that's why i wondered if i was getting a flat signal even if you weren't using any effects.
so maybe try sending me a processed signal so its not just your rig thats receiving the effects but we can mix that into the main too. different bass sound between the main and your rig might cause some cluttering maybe.

overall everything sounds much better than 3 weeks ago so i'm happy for the most part.

also one more thing 1 was acting weird the whole day. need to check that out. seems like channels are breaking down one by one on that stupid mackie. =]

JuliaLee said...

nice recording!