Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Comments now

1. 2 files are here for listen and to see what's done to the raw audio. To me, both sounds unsatisfying. Nothing is really better than the other. The whole team was tired, and everyone was in lala land the whole sunday. And indeed.. there is like no bass in these recordings probably because there wasn't enough coming into the control room outputs from the mixer so only thing for me to try mastering was to raise around 80-100hz on the graphic EQ.
Well nothings always really easy so finding this bass sound for the next few weeks might be fun.

-Reverb unit on Ozone. Nice one.

-Little Graphical EQ on Ozone. Usually try not to mess around with these during recording mastering because my ears aren't that trained for these but tried those two peaks.

-The hottest feature on the Ozone: Tube Simulator thing on each bands. Low, lowmid, himid and his. This is the only effect on this plugin you could crank up so much and it still sounds good!

It would take a whole day playing around these stuff to get everything perfect, but since I don't own much time.. just a few basic fixages and called it done on those files that are linked here.

One day.. we will set up and there will be no
(zero) technical problem at all and it will sound decent. One day it's going to happen.

For more information on Ozone izotope: http://www.izotope.com/products/audio/ozone/

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