Monday, October 13, 2008

College Retreat/10.12.08

College Retreat Setup
College Retreat Setup Sheet 10/11-10/13
Input Instr. Mic ETC Assign Aviom Sub Assign
1 Bass Drum D112 3,4 1 1 L
2 Snare SM57 3,4 2 2 R
3 Drum - - 3,4 3 3 L
4 Open 3,4 4 4 R
5 Bass DI Comp 1 1,2 5
6 Synth DI 1,2 6
7 Eguitar.L.Min SM57 1,2 7
8 Eguitar.R.ND SM57 1,2 8
9 Aguitar 1,2 9
10 Vox1.Dave Vocal Mic Comp 2 1,2 10
11 Vox2.Minnow.L Vocal Mic Comp 3 1,2 11
12 Vox3. Cheryl.R Vocal Mic Comp 4 1,2 12
13/14 Speech(Chan. 4) Vocal Mic 1,2
15/16 1,2

Monitor Wedge (Using 1 output Daisy Chain):
AUX Sends 1(L)-->19,(20)(Snake)-->19,(20)(Out of Snake)-->1/4" balanced cable-->Convert 1/4" to XLR Female
(Cont')-->(XLR Female to XLR Male Convt.)-->XLR Cable-->Mackie Srm450.L-->Thru XLR-->Input of Srm450.R
Main Speakers (Using Main Out L and R)
Main Out XLR, L/R-->(Female XLR-1/4" Convt.)-->Balanced 1/4"-->17,18(Snake)-->CrownXS500 1/4" Input-->Output--
(Cont')>Speakon Cables-->Turbo Sound TXD151.

MISC. Check List

13-XLR Cables for Instruments(1 Extra included)
5-Vocal Mic Stand
5-Music Stand
4-Vocal Mic Any Type
4-SM 57s or Vocal Mic (1 Extra Included)
2-Mic Stands For Guitar Amp
2-Speakon Cables For 2-TurboSounds
2-Small DI box for 8 and 13/14
1-Mic Stand For Bass Drum Mic
1-D112 Bass Drum Mic
1-Tape-in converter cable for Ipod
00-1/4" Instrument Cables for Band.

Recording from 10.12.2008: Heart of Worship and Mikey talking

2 comments: said...

hey the bass sounds pretty bad in the recording. is there a reason why you are compressing it a 2nd time over my compressor? i already put a pretty high 6-8:1 ratio on it, and if anything the kick drum sounds like it needs to be compressed, if we only have one channel availible between the 2 of them.

and we sucked it up at the 17 minute mark

Cheryl said...

hey this blog is really cool, exciting stuff!!!
hey, i sound kind of loud huh? i think there were times i was louder than dave and times he was inaudible and i know it's not just me who thought that. and there are times i could get pretty loud so it might be better to be ready to turn me down at those times or just put me lower in general because i shouldn't be louder than dave since i'm just support/harmony. anyway, this is super cool - thankss