Thursday, October 2, 2008


Setup List

1. Bass Drum -D112
2. Snare- SM57
3. OH(Mono)-AKG P200
4. Bass DI
5. Synth
6. E.Guitar-Minnow(L)-SM57
7. E.Guitar-Andy(R)-SM57
8. A.Guitar-DI
9. Vox1-DH(C)-SM58b
13.Wireless Speech


1. Used AKG Perception 200 condensor LD for drum mono overhead. It worked really well when and Low and the Mid was cut off completely and boosted Highs at 12kHz about 1.5 dB. Captured Hats and Cymbals pretty decently. Need toms and stereo Overheads indeed. It will help alot.
2. Main 2-way Speaker Position-Changed from previously down the stage to onto the stage up highest possible. Needed more space between first row and Main speakers. Helped very much. Also, now the sub is in front of the 2-way speaker and since bass freq. travels slower, noticed Bass Drum and Bass guitar being controlable in my hands which was pretty sweet.
3. Two Electric gutiar amps moved to side of the stage-Biggest hit of the day. Again, gained control over these electric guitar sounds compared to previous set up.
4. Avioms-Minnow tested himself. It didn't make much difference for now since it was just him on it but talking to band members between song feature is amazing.

5. Sennheiser Wireless G2 System needs to be mastered by myself to really be safe in choosing frequencies and not making anymore mistakes:
6. Bass DI started humming during 2nd part of worship as I turned on the Sub. I was confused because it didn't during the start. But I realized later I connected a Aviom separate for myself in the back during sermons which made a ground loop in the system before the last worship started.
7. Realizing Aviom has 16 channels all together or something like that so conserving channels might help in the future with new singers: Possibility is to group all drum mics in the aviom system together to conserve 2-3 channels.
8. Next Week Aviom: Dave Hong needs the crowd sound during worship. Nothing can be done yet except we need a few condensor mics.

Conclusion of the day: Everything really started clicking together this past sunday but not yet near perfect. Congregation of apprx. 300 people still sings very loud, but we're at a good level now.