Thursday, November 20, 2008


Set list-Same

Song list-Don't remember



I am officially afraid of Minnow's drum playing but its ok, we'll get through this.

It's been 3-4 months now since I first started manning as FOH, and the recent couple of weeks felt so much different than the first couple of weeks I started. I feel strongly that I'm called to do this ministry for now for whatever reason and until whenever the church needs me. I can say this... because of my reaction to worship is slowly changing as this person who does audio in the back... looking at the changes in people and their reactions to worship every sunday and me facing the same direction as the congregation-not towards the band, but towards Christ. I see some people clinging and clinging on to God for that 45 minutes temporary letting go of something else and I can't even express how humbling and encouraging it is to see God being satisfied. I see people meeting Him for that 45 minutes of worship to just beg and beg for clarity in their lives and it helps me see Him working in my life more clearly than ever and then I'm so amazed.

I see Andy, Minnow, Dave, Mikey, Funko, Steve, and Cheryl trying.. and trying to bring people in and trying again to enjoy God presence despite the discussion-filled meetings we had the night before about our heart as worship team members and then I'm humbled again.

I feel called here... for now ..and for this position because I see how God wanted to show me this.... How always beautiful this has been in his eyes and He just wanted to share with me because he saw that I forgot all about it since the day I was saved in the midst of praise and worship when I was a teenager.

To me, this audio stuff doesn't even matter as much anymore. Give me a broken, beat up, and crappy mixer with no effects. I'll do it all for the glory of God.


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Minnow said...

beautiful post man. it really touched and blessed me. i'm glad i asked you if you wanted to do sound... haha.