Sunday, November 23, 2008

Should I solder?

The power adaptor for announcement wireless mic transmitter broke which is why the wireless mic turned off randomly 2 sundays ago. I could buy a new one, but should I still try to solder and see if it works?

On another note...

I had sweaty fever today so didn't make it to potluck dinner but at home.. i just opened up a handstove I bought in Korea during 2006 winter visit and warmed up myself from freezing in sleep. I took pictures...



(these pictures were only made possible because of the technique called the fast-paced-index-finger-clicking-away-camera-button-photography-after-reaction technique)

Full on heat blast by the hand warmer robot.
Didn't have a thermometer but I want to tell you the temperature.(100C+273.15=373.15K)

Happy Robot and 100% power up.

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Cheryl said...

lol feel better james!