Friday, December 19, 2008

Random Rescue Mission

I just came back from a rescue mission to bring back Sandy and Cody from an accident in the city. The rescue mission was successful.

Here is what happened:

After receiving a call from Sandy, me and my roommate Godly(Mr. Lucius Fox) got into a full rescue mode. 
The time was 1:08AM, and we had to go back into the city this late because Cody's car had been taken away.

I wanted to save this picture for last, but this was one of my white elephant gifts that I took for myself. It does look like a gear batman would wear.

Mr. Lucius Fox cleaning snow off my Batmobile. 

Calling to make sure no one was hurt from the accident.

From inside of batmobile view- it looks like this when you are driving. 
Right now I am in a Full Camouflage Mode (FCM).
We couldn't document actual photos from rescuing our friends because of confidentiality issues but here are some actual video footage that we took 

It's hard to be a super hero.

It's even harder to be a batman when paparazzies are always invading my missions.

More videos to come... 

1 comment:

JuliaLee said...

it must be crazy rescuing people and running from the paparazzi.

i go through that every day too. i feel your pain.


anyways i liked the "full camoflauge mode". LOLOLOL