Saturday, December 13, 2008

Virtual Christmas Party White Elephant

I bought 3 christmas gifts today for some white elephant events that I have next week. A store near me was going out of business. So I got some amazing gifts for you future gift receiver. 

Let me show you what I bought. 

Gift #1

Gift #2

Gift #3

Pick one now and I will show you what they were after my white elephant event is over. 

PS. If you guess right what any of these gifts actually are by looking at these photos, I will give it to you. Just don't sneak into my room. Each person can guess only once. Don't cheat. 

A phun blog post for you and me. 


JuliaLee said...

#2 is a gift card.

this is a fun entry.

jcho said...

wrong. since there are not a lot of responses you may guess again. lol. sad.